Features of ShareFair

ShareFair is an expert-matching service that leverages proprietary technology to
connect experts (advisors) with those looking to talk to them (clients)
and helps clients solve their business problems through phone/online sessions.

Features of ShareFair Features of ShareFair

1 Feature Support with your experience and expertise

ShareFair is currently receiving a large number of requests everyday on a variety of industries / topics and you will have a plenty of opportunities to leverage your experience and expertise.
Also, we are committed to ensuring compliance during phone/online sessions so you can provide support in a safe environment.

Learn more about ShareFair’s commitment to compliance.

2 Feature System that rewards advisors more

By leveraging proprietary technology, we reduced our platform’s cost, which enabled us to reward you more. ShareFair aims to fairly value your experience and expertise, and increase the liquidity of knowledge.

Also, we pay for your network - we will pay you for referrals if you refer well-qualified expert(s) for the question, even if you cannot answer it yourself.

3 Feature Even small actions contribute to society

ShareFair’s advisors can contribute to society without necessarily participating in interviews with clients.
ShareFair donates 3 school-meals to children in developing countries for every action, like below, that leads to the "circulation of knowledge".

Examples of Advisors’ Actions Examples of Advisors’ Actions
Circulation of knowledge Circulation of knowledge

Future Vision of ShareFair

We will invest a part of our revenue in activities that provide learning opportunities.

Based on our vision "sharing your knowledge brightens our future", ShareFair invests a certain percentage of our revenue in activities that provide learning opportunities for children who do not have such opportunities.
It means those children - knowledge of the next generation - will join the connection of ShareFair and share the knowledge they learned in the years to come to create a sustainable "circulation of knowledge".

4 Feature High level of satisfaction

Satisfaction for advisors Satisfaction for advisors

ShareFair advisors who have participated in phone/online sessions have indicated a high level of satisfaction as our proprietary technology allows clients and advisors to match appropriately.
Also, registered advisors have commented:

"It is interesting just to read the questions related to my registered profile"
"I have found that common knowledge within my industry can be insightful for people outside the industry"

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About Advisors

Advisors’ areas of expertise are diverse as shown below:


Technology Healthcare Finance Manufacturing Energy & Construction Consumer Goods & Retail Sports & Entertainment Agriculture & Livestock Public Sector Others


Management R&D Planning & Marketing Procurement Manufacturing Sales Engineers HR Consultants Operation

Some biographies of registered advisors

Sales at 3 medical device manufacturers
Advisor A

Sales at 3 medical device manufacturers

Expertise in the competitive landscape of medical device manufacturers

Marketing and CRM for luxury product companies
Advisor B

Marketing and CRM for luxury product companies

Expertise in loyalty programs for loyal customers

R&D at a major electronics manufacturer and a major automotive manufacturer
Advisor C

R&D at a major electronics manufacturer and a major automotive manufacturer

Expertise in lithium-ion battery systems

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Examples of Actual Cases

Manufacturing industry
Case 01

Manufacturing industry

  • Could you discuss automotive-parts manufacturers' purchasing criteria/decision processes of the printed circuit boards (PCB)?
  • What are the methods to improve the production efficiency of PCBs?
Case 02


  • Could you discuss the potential market growth and competitive landscape for the robotic surgery market over the next five years?
Consumer Goods & Retail
Case 03

Consumer Goods & Retail

  • What are the KSFs for apparel brands in selecting areas, negotiating with shopping malls and department stores, preparing for store openings, and managing stores?
Travel Industry
Case 04

Travel Industry

  • Could you provide an overview and the competitive environment of inbound tourism providers and distributors in Australia?
  • What are the tourism needs of residents in the region, and what are their characteristics?
Case 05


  • Could you discuss the challenges of the current fishing nets for aquaculture?
  • What kinds of materials will replace fishing nets for aquaculture in the future?
Case 06

Public Sector

  • What are the most common locations and usage of surveillance cameras at public facilities?
  • What kinds of facilities will see an increase in demand for surveillance cameras in the future?


Steps from registration to payment Steps from registration to payment

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Will my client know my phone number?

Your phone number will not be disclosed to the client regardless of the session type. However, if the Adviser cannot be reached for more than five minutes after the session start time, it will be disclosed to the client so that the client can contact the Adviser.

What is "evaluation" after the session?

"Evaluation" is intended to provide feedback on the session. The evaluation is based on numerical scores (1–5) and comments. For example, comprehensibility of the client’s questions, punctuality, and politeness should be considered as the evaluation criteria. Personal cultural backgrounds and the degree of expertise in topics not covered in Screening Questions or Interview Questions should be exempted from the evaluation.

Are there any rules around the Referral?

You and your referees should know each other well. People trying to break into ShareFair community with malicious intent should not be introduced. Please also note that there is a limit on the number of people (initially 10, in some cases, increased after a certain period of time). We recommend you to introduce experts with deep knowledge in a particular area who are willing to participate in Sessions through ShareFair.

Which organizations am I donating to, if I choose donating the Session fee?

Please see here for more information on ShareFair's initiatives and the organization we are sponsoring.
We hope it inspires more and more people in ShareFair community.

Would you like to expand the circulation of knowledge with us?